Summer Issue 2016




Cover Girl Story

Story behind our cover girl: Skylar Mimuro


Interview: Dream Navigation

Interview with Kiyoka Wada, a diet expert who shares her

secrets to her good health.


Tokyo & LA Trend Ranking

Picked some items from LA and Tokyo that we want to share

with you


We Love Japanese Products

Introducing the amazing products from Japan


“The Diary of Ochibi”

By Moyoco Anno





Diet & Body Care

Let’s do “Summer Sports” for your health and fun!


Summer Self-Improvement Tips

This summer’s recommended beauty goods in LA and Tokyo


Beauty Report

Popular model tested the beauty products from the supermarket

as known as the place “Where beauty at home”


L.A. Style with Beverly Eri - Vol.30

Fashionista Beverly Eri is showing us her personal fashion



Nail Designs: Beach Nail

Nail catalog: Colorful nail designs for both foot and hands

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