Winter Issue 2017




Cover Girl Story

Story behind our cover girl: Bambi Boucher



Beauty event report with C-CHANNEL in Tokyo


Valentines Day Gift Idea

JPy’s favorite gift ideas for someone special


Naomi Watanabe World Tour

Beverly Eri reports Naomi Watanabe’s first world tour in L.A.


“The Diary of Ochibi”

By Moyoco Anno





Tokyo & Los Angeles Trend Ranking

Trending items from Tokyo and LA that we want to share

with you


Beauty Trend Report from Tokyo

2016 Holiday Collection: Latest trends in Japanese beauty care


JPy’s Beauty Selects

JPy selects new beauty items for 2016 holiday - winter


Nail Designs: Valentines Day Nails

Amazing nail designs for the Holiday! Get ready for a party!!!


L.A. Style with Beverly Eri - Vol.32

Fashionista Beverly Eri is showing us her beauty secrets

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